Studio 2 Take You Into The World Of Shadows Of Esteren

April 2, 2014 by brennon

Check out this awesome sounding role-playing game from Studio 2 called Shadows of Esteren. This is a dark fantasy take on the world and draws on plenty of influences from Celtic myth to make it's foreboding world.

Shadows of Esteren

Daernic Miniature

As you can see the game is oozing with theme and darkness and it's won a lot of awards already. Here is what comes within that massive set above...

  • The Limited Edition of the book: 50 color pages, stamped and numbered, hard black cover with embossing. This edition is limited to 600 copies and will only be available for this Kickstarter campaign, as well as during special events.
  • Printed game aids: clue cards, suspect cards, map of the monastery, summary of the scenario, chronology of the scenario, summary of the clues, documents for the Players, etc.
  • Daernic miniature: 35mm, resin, limited edition, sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.
  • The Black Rose board game (former temporary name: "DEDUCTION") : The Black Rose is the first board game set in the Shadows of Esteren universe. Taking place in the same setting as the official scenario Vengeful Words, written by Nelyhann, it is a 3- to 5-Player game, somewhere between Werewolf and Clue. Black Rose is short and simple, putting the emphasis on interaction between the Players. Unmask the culprit before it’s too late!
  • Joris miniature (#1 Stretch Goal): 35mm, resin, limited edition, sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.
  • Esteren Concert DVD (# 4 Stretch Goal): On November 30th 2013, a classical orchestra performed in Lyon, France. We will finance a proper audio mix and video montage and send you a DVD of this concert (Farl Collector tier and above). The DVD also includes the private concert for the upcoming thir album RISE.
  • Set of Artworks (# 6 Stretch Goal) : We will select 5 illustrations from the Monastery of Tuath and make physical prints of them. This set of 5 artworks will be delivered in a black folder. A great game aid to put your players in the mood!
  • + Access to all further stretch goals unlocked...

Not a bad haul at all I would say. I like the fact they seem to be focusing on the interaction between players and it would be ace to give this one a go.

Stretch Goals

Here is how it stands in terms of stretch goals at the moment but there will most likely be plenty more broken by the time you check the Kickstarter page I bet!

Check this one out and see what you think of this dark horror-based medieval fantasy game.

Let me know your thoughts.

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