Antimatter Take ShadowSea to Kickstarter

October 23, 2012 by dracs

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With the success of Deep Wars, Antimatter are now turning the mighty power of Kickstarter onto their other game of aquatic adventure: ShadowSea!


ShadowSea takes place in the late 17th century in a alternate history of Earth, where explorers and scientists have discovered a lost underground world beneath a frozen southern continent and salvaged technological wonders left behind by advanced beings. The game world mixes swashbuckling tabletop combat, elemental magic and ancient technology with RPG elements, such as as character development during battle campaigns and a fully customizable character and weapon design system.

Here's a look at the factions which this Kickstarter campaign will work to bring you:

ShadowSea - Axibalan Empire

ShadowSea - Dark Mariner

ShadowSea - Fortune Hunters

These three forces will be the main focus of the Kickstarter, but there are more waiting in the wings in case they get any extra funding.

ShadowSea - Sunless Kingdom

As you may remember from the Deep Wars Kickstarter, Antimatter can certainly deliver the goods with community funding. I can't wait to see what things slither out of the depths of ShadowSea's Kickstarter.

So guys, grab your snorkel and get head to Kickstarter to pledge your support to ShadowSea.

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