The Sea Dog Captain Plunges into the ShadowSea Kickstarter

September 30, 2013 by dracs

Over on the good ship Kickstarter a new optional reward has become available for ShadowSea Conquest of the Underlands. Beware ye landlubbers for the salty Sea Dog Captain.

Sea Dog Captain

Available as an optional pledge reward this imposing figure can come stomping into ShadowSea or, thanks to his diving gear, take the plunge into Deep Wars.

Speaking of his diving gear it is easy to see where inspiration for his design came from. Not that I'm complaining the more things that remind me of Bioshock the better.

If it wasn't enough that he's swinging an anchor around as a weapon we can clearly see robotic augmentation on his limbs (well, his leg at least). This apparently means he can walk around in ShadowSea without penalty, even though he is wearing a suit which must weigh a ton.

Have you pledged to Antimatter Games' latest Kickstarter? If you have do you think you will be adding the Sea Dog Captain to your rewards?

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