Check Out Some Awesome Shattered Void Artwork!

August 17, 2014 by brennon

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White Dragon Miniatures don't just make amazing space ships for Shattered Void; they also make some amazing artwork to get you really absorbed in their world. See what you think of this brilliant piece...

Shattered Void Artwork

The image shows a whole bunch of fighters engaged in a deadly dogfight around the exploding carcass of a massive ship. I love the feel of this game despite us seeing only a handful of renders but the fact that the miniatures we have seen look great is a big plus. You can also head over to their Facebook page (linked above) for a nice video showing off one of the ships.

Artwork goes a long way towards making a game feel great on the tabletop, inspiring you to play games based on what you see and this is no different.

Keep an eye out here as we'll certainly be following this game!

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