Exclusive Look At Proteus Mech & More Ships For Shattered Void!

April 20, 2015 by brennon

The wonderful folks at White Dragon Miniatures will be at Salute 2015 this year and they've been working hard on both Shattered Void, their Sci-Fi spaceship game, and a range of 15mm miniatures (with some available at the event) that exist within the background of that same universe. So what kind of thing are they working on? Well, how about the Proteus Frontline Battle Mech...

Bigger Is Better?

First up is said 15mm scale Mech that will be stomping around many a battlefield with that massive gun it has in its hands. As you can see it stands at quite the height against other regular 15mm infantry and vehicles...

Proteus #1

Proteus #2

Proteus #3

It's a huge construct that reminds me of the kind of mechs that you would have seen in the likes of Titanfall the video game that hit a while back. I think it has a good stocky quality to the pose which means it isn't going to be leaping around the battlefield like an anime-style mech but instead will be bracing itself and plodding along unloading a painful amount of firepower on your foes.

The one thing I'd like to see changed with the final model is that they swing the gun round to the side and maybe change the position of the legs to make it look as if he's firing this huge weapon. If they were so inclined they could always make a cool scenic base for the model too with a mass of spent cases for the gun littering the ground.

15mm Sci-Fi Range Incoming

As well as the massive Proteus Mech above they also have plans to add some more foot troops and vehicles to the world of Shatted Void with EEF MTU Infantry and Armadillo that you saw used to show off the scale of the mech above...

EEF MTU Infantry


Now before you get excited there isn't going to be a set of rules for these models but they have designed them to fit into the world of Shattered Void that makes up their spaceship battle game. There's no reason however you can't use these fantastic looking models for the likes of Gruntz 15mm or any other Sci-Fi game in this scale.

I think the infantry especially are some of the best looking I've seen for this scale and they have a proper Halo Spartan level of 'cool' to them which is wonderful to see.

Take To The Stars!

It's not just the land based vehicles and troops getting a look in though as the real focus of White Dragon is to make sure that Shattered Void becomes a reality. With that in mind check out a whole bunch of amazing renders for this game starting with the Vitruvians...

Vitruvian Ubik Bomber

Vitruvian Jalixin Corvette

Vitruvian Hekatte Heavy Fighter

Vitruvian Dubuk Fighter

The Vitruvians have a sleek looking and almost organic feel to their ships that reminds me of the type of ships you'd seen in shows like Andromeda and Farscape. Even the fighter (pictured last) has the feel of something alien and very hi-tech.

Next up are the EEF that you might have seen images from before as they appear in a range of the artwork and more for the game...

EEF Wyvern Bomber

EEF Roc Minelayer

EEF Hydra Corvette

EEF Draconus Heavy Fighter

EEF Altair Fighter

Now these are my kind of spaceships. I know that they look very simple in design by comparison but I think this kind of ship is where a nice level of personalisation can come from. The large areas of blank panels are crying out for a variety of different patterns denoting squadrons and the like as well as a bit of freehand if you were so inclined.

Light Gunship

Heavy Gunship

We also got a look at two ships with a very different style once again. I think these have a neat Halo-like appearance to them, as if they'd have been part of the Covenant fleet.

Come To Salute!

A number of the Armadillo models and 15mm Infantry above will be available at Salute (booth TA04) but in very short supply. If you'd like to get your hands on more of them then wait until June 1st 2015 when the Kickstarter will go live funding the entire line of miniatures for use in 15mm Sci-Fi.

Hopefully that means Shattered Void wont be far behind at that point either.

What do you think of their ships and ground troops?

"It's a huge construct that reminds me of the kind of mechs that you would have seen in the likes of Titanfall..."

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"The large areas of blank panels are crying out for a variety of different patterns denoting squadrons and the like..."

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