White Dragon Defend Your Troops With An Armadilo

October 29, 2014 by brennon

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White Dragon Miniatures are continuing to impress with their 15mm troops and this very, very cool MTU Armadilo Close Support Vehicle that will be protecting your soldiers and dishing out some punishment in return...

MTU Armadilo Close Support Vehicle #1

MTU Armadilo Close Support Vehicle #2

MTU Armadilo Close Support Vehicle #3

This walker has a huge armoured plate on one side protecting those troops taking cover behind it and then has a rather epic gun mounted on the top to provide some covering fire. It has a lot of similarities with some of the new stuff we're seeing in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video game which is neat. Certainly means it's keeping that semi-realism factor that we like with near-modern combat.

If the troops were anything to go by this Armadilo is also going to look stunning once it's finished. The amount of detail these folks are getting out of their pieces is sublime.

Something for your 15mm Sci-Fi collection?

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