White Dragon Introduce A New Race To Shattered Void Kickstarter

July 6, 2016 by brennon

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White Dragon's Shattered Void Kickstarter is soaring through space towards their funding goal of £10,000 and with that in mind they shared some of their future plans for ships and a little more information on a new race for the game, the Astivar Collective.

Campaign Progress (Unlocks)

Once they hit their target they will be unlocking a whole new squadron of fighters as well as additional ships for the other races too from Earth and the Vitruvians over time. The ship design really is great here and it reminds me a lot of the type of ships you'd see in Elite Dangerous and EVE.

The Collective

As mentioned above they also added in the new faction to the mix, the Astivar.

Astivar Collective

Let's learn more about them...

"The Astivar are children born of a violent clash between humanity and the vitruvians. They were created to act as slaves designed to serve the Vitruvian Sovereignty’s every whim, from waste disposal to piloting their machines.

Originally, they were simply artificial intelligences designed to consider and overcome their dedicated tasks through a simple series of logic gateways, with little or no understanding of self awareness.

As the war with the humans progressed, the Vitruvian Accretion Council realised that their own forces were caught off-kilter by the devastating human assaults, and they had to act.

With lobbying from the Creator Sarlek, a program was undertaken to produce an artificial army of the Astivar, given a ‘life’ of sorts in the form of biological components within their artificial intelligence suites."

All of this sounds very awesome. If you want to find out more you can go and explore their Kickstarter page.

Additionally as well as the video above showing off some gameplay they also have the rulebook to download in Colour and Black & White.

Give the game a go and let us know what you think!

"Once they hit their target they will be unlocking a whole new squadron of fighters..."

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