White Dragon Show Off Shattered Void 15mm Troopers!

October 20, 2014 by brennon

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White Dragon Miniatures will be heading to Kickstarter soon for their world of Shattered Void and it starts with these 15mm MTU troopers that are looking stunning...

Shattered Void MTU (Front)

Shattered Void MTU (Close-Up)

Shattered Void MTU (Rear)

As you can see in the close-up each of these soldiers is very well detailed for the scale and I can see these being some of the coolest looking pieces out there. They stand at 17mm at their highest with those really cool looking helmets and will be cast up in resin and a few tests in metal too.

The team comes with one Commander figure which I assume is the kneeling chap alongside a heavy weapons support trooper and also a sniper if I'm not mistaken.

Some great looking miniatures and it certainly gets you fired up for whatever else White Dragon are going to be doing with the world of Shattered Void.

What do you think?

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