White Dragon’s Shattered Void Spaceships Reviewed!

July 8, 2016 by crew

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At Salute we managed to get our hands on some of the spaceships for Shattered Void by White Dragon Miniatures, and finished our review just in time for the Kickstarter which is running right now.

Shattered Void


  • Product: Shattered Void Spaceships
  • Manufacturer: White Dragon Miniatures
  • Material: Resin
  • Price: GBP £6.00 – £8.00 per ship, including base and tokens


We received a total of seven ships for our review, one interceptor each for the Earth Exploration Fleet (Humans) and Vitruvian Sovereignty (Aliens) and five ships of the Astivar Collective (cyborgs), which will be unlocked once the Kickstarter hits its initial target value.

We’ll start with a look at the sprues, beginning with the four different Astivar ships..





The EEF Interceptor...


The Vitruvian Interceptor...


As you can see on the sprues, the models are once again manufactured by Prodos Games. They have already created the 15mm marines and mechs for White Dragon’s first Kickstarter, which worked out fine and without delays.

Some of the models back then had problems with fragile or hollow bits, but the spaceships were much better in that regard (probably due to the fact that they don’t have as many thin parts).

Our test models had a few small air bubbles, but those were pretty insignificant. There was only one bigger issue with an engine of one of the Astivar ships (first sprue picture above). This was however the only miscast of that kind.

Assembling The Squadron

The models were really easy to build, which was mostly due to the fact that there weren’t many parts to begin with. Only the machine guns of the EEF interceptor were a bit fiddly, but fast bonding super glue helped a lot. Unfortunately we only took pictures of the Astivar ships here...








All the parts went together nicely, quickly and without problems. After a few minutes all ships were finished and ready to paint.

Painting The Models

Since we had some time after Salute we took the opportunity to paint the models as well. Let’s start with the Astivar Collective...





For everybody who’s interested, here are some little step by step instructions.

  • Basecoat with Modelmates light grey
  • Add shades with Vallejo dark grey (airbrush)
  • Wash with thinned down Army Painter Dark Tone
  • Highlight with Vallejo Cold Grey (airbrush)
  • Highlight with Vallejo Stonewall Grey (airbrush)
  • Light drybrush with Vallejo Stonewall Grey
  • Highlight with Vallejo White (airbrush)
  • Add deeper shades with Army Painter Dark Tone (selected areas)
  • Paint and highlight green cables

After that I added the hex pattern (shield effect), using stencils by Anarchy Models. The plan was easy, I simply wanted to spray one layer of GW Scorpion Green and be done with it, but that didn’t work out as planned.

There simply wasn’t enough contrast and everything looked quite dull. To improve the effect, I emphasised the green dots with a brush, but this still didn’t do the trick. I therefore added white lines between the hexes and this finally led to the result I had hoped for.

For the EEF interceptor I went with dark grey and black, with some red stripes (using masking tape). For a more dramatic look I also added muzzle flash bits by Anvil Industry to the engines..




The last ship to paint was the Vitruvian Interceptor...




Here I simply used bright blue and white, with lots of red glow-effects.

Scale Of The Ships

Some people asked us right from the start how the ships scale up against X-Wing models, and therefore we did of course also take a comparison pic. In addition we also grabbed some old Aeronautica Imperials ships from the cabinet.



We think they're looking rather good!


The models were huge fun both to build and to paint. Some of the mould canals could have been placed a bit better, but in the end everything worked out really well. There were next to no mould lines and all details were crisp and easy to make out.

Due to this great quality the price per ship is more than justified, and the squadron deals even offer an additional discount. Definitely worth a look for all Sci-Fi fans!

Kickstarter Link: Shattered Void – The Sci-Fi Dogfighting Tabletop Wargame

Original Review - Brueckenkopf

By Christian Schlumpberger

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"The models were really easy to build..."

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"They were huge fun both to build and to paint..."

Supported by (Turn Off)

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