Shieldwolf Name A Date For Kickstarter & Show Off New Busts

January 19, 2015 by brennon

Shieldwolf Miniatures have created some more busts for you painters to work on and bring to life! This time it's a Shieldmaiden and Oak Elf Warrior that are joining the rest of their very well sculpted range...

Shield Wolf Miniatures Shieldmaiden Bust

Oak Elf Warrior & Shieldmaiden (Bust) Front

The Shieldmaiden is on the left and the Oak Elf Warrior is on the Right. I really like the look of the Shieldmaiden who appears to have been created while drawing a lot of inspiration from Lagertha in the Vikings TV show. Next to her the Oak Elf is just as awesome and I like that her armour has been crafted out of leaves and bark.

Oak Elf Warrior & Shieldmaiden (Bust) Rear

It would be awesome to see what talented painters could do with both of these and it does indeed set the scene for what we'll be getting in 28mm form when it comes to Shieldwolf. Credit must go to the sculptor too who was Giorgos Tsougkouzidis.

The Kickstarter has also been set up to launch February 10th so put that date in your diary.

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"The Kickstarter has been set up to launch February 10th so put that date in your diary"

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