The Shieldwolf Northern Alliance Calls On Druids & Necromancers

December 6, 2015 by brennon

Shieldwolf Miniatures continue to add to their Fantasy model range with new characters for the Northern Alliance. Both of these Maidens have schooled themselves in different types of magic with one of them drawing on nature and the other drawing on the power of death.

Druidic Force

The Druid here is summoning up flames to blast her foes apart on the battlefield and she carries around her skull-topped staff to draw on shamanistic power on the battlefield. I like the addition of the furs too which ties her into the Northern Alliance.

Icemaiden Druid

I would like to see them do an animal companion for her to fight alongside although you could probably pick up a bear or a wolf from all manner of different places to be at her side.

The Undead

As well as tapping into the forces of nature the Maidens can also call upon the spirits for aid in battle. When you want to unleash your ancestors on the enemy then you call on the Necromancer.

Necromancer Maiden

They may have overdone it slightly with the object source lighting here but otherwise I think this is a great looking model. She has plenty of talismanic items tied around her waist which she uses to call upon the spirits. The skull coming to life from within the bale fire also helps give her an interesting pose for the battlefield.

Which of these two schools of magic would you call upon?

Let us know below...

"I would like to see them do an animal companion for her to fight alongside..."

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