Shieldwolf Show Off Assassins, Elves & More In New Previews!

September 8, 2014 by brennon

Shieldwolf Miniatures have a whole load of new work-in-progress previews for you to check out that will soon feature as part of their fantasy world. See what you think of the Araves Assassin, some mighty Elves and the future of the Dracantropii!

Araves Assassin (Front)

Araves Assassin (Rear)

First up we have said Araves Assassin with a large collection of blades to kill you with. Not a bad addition to the collection of other Middle-Eastern themed characters coming to the Araves army. Some actual infantry is coming soon too!

Dracantropii Light Infantry

One of the cool new kits is for this Dracantropii Light Infantry that is essentially ready to go into production as a full regiment. You get heads, bodies, tails, weapons and shields with which to customise them. I think these would be a great alternative to just picking up Lizardmen from Games Workshop who is in reality the only choice at the moment.

Elven Oak Order

Last but not least we have a look at the 3D work for the Elven Oak Order that will make up part of their pointy-eared army on the tabletop. Some really cool looking designs and certainly something to keep an eye on. They've managed to get them looking lithe enough without being anemic and 'fragile' like other Elves.

What do you think of Shieldwolf?

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