Shieldwolf’s Mountain Orcs Assemble For Bloody Battle

February 13, 2014 by brennon

Shieldwolf Miniatures have been showing off heroes and character models for the past few weeks but the actual infantry for their Mountain Orcs have arrived on their webstore. These mighty Orc Infantry are raring for a fight.

Mountain Orc Box

Mountain Orc Infantry

It's not the best piece of photography, which is strange considering most of their existing imagery for the miniatures, just a tad fuzzy. Despite that though it looks like they have put together some rather awesome savage looking orcs that would be great for either games like Warhammer Fantasy or Kings of War.

I might not be a fan of the more toothy and animal looking Orc they have shown off here but it is a different take on the tried and tested greenskin so I can appreciate that.

Does your Orc army need these?

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