Summon Up Barbarian Magic With Shieldwolf’s Sorcerer

October 25, 2013 by brennon

Magic is brewing in the north and Shieldwolf Miniatures have delivered the Barbarian Sorcerer to wield it. See what you think of this one, I am pretty impressed.

Barbarian Sorcerer

Barbarian Sorcerer (Detail)

I love that they have managed to twist the savagery of the barbarian with the eldritch power of the sorcerer. This is a pretty awesome looking figure and he would fit in well as a magic user for a variety of different armies.

Shieldwolf seem to have been going from strength to strength recently and this is certainly heading in the right direction. The painting here is pretty epic too and I do like a little bit of object source lighting!

Will you be getting one?

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