Siren Miniatures Show Off Virgil’s Little Demonic Sidekicks

December 17, 2014 by brennon

Alongside Virgil that we saw last week Siren Miniatures have also worked on his sidekicks with Lucius and Benecio below on Facebook. They might not look like much although I bet they're quite the demonic force...

Lucius (Front)

Lucius (Rear)

Benecio (Front)

Benecio (Rear)

The first of the little demons is Lucius carrying a cleaver into the fighting. Benecio is the second of the demons and decided that he required a better sword. I like that their cruel weaponry come in contrast to the rather 'cute' looking demons themselves. Well, apart from the malicious grin!

Do you like these additions to Virgil's entourage?

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