Siren Shows Off The 3D Renders Of Battle Ready Dwarf, Odins

November 30, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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If you are looking for quirky, interesting, quality miniatures - then look no further than Siren Miniatures. Their range includes all sort of eclectic miniatures to suit all taste.

Siren Odins

This week, they have been showing off the 3D renders for Odins. This dwarf comes fully loaded with more than just attitude. He's carrying a full cannon on his shoulder to go along with the sword that it surely as tall as he is!

Siren Odins art

In addition to Odins, Siren has shown another lovely little bit of art for a new miniature in the works.

Siren art musician

Not to sure of the story behind this one yet, but if they can ride a dog with horns, while playing a frog, they're welcome to join my adventure party!

What do you think of these creative additions to Siren's collection?

"This dwarf comes fully loaded with more than just attitude..."

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