Yo Ho The Pirates Life Is For Me – Skulls Tales Sighted On Kickstarter

May 10, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Ever thought about sailing the Spanish Main? Plundering treasures and swinging a cutlass to high adventure? Well, now you can with Skull Tales from 4Moon Studio. This game is what they are calling a semi-competitive board game.

Skull Tales

If you like dungeon crawler games them you might be interested in looking at this one. In this game you play one of six pirate characters and you have to successfully survive the pirate life to collect enough gold and prestige to become the Pirate Captain.  There are three phases to the games: Adventure, Voyage and Port.


In the Adventure phase you make your way through adventure tiles which are initially started by the adventure in the book and then there is a randomization of the following tiles as each previous one is successfully traveled. You draw a random chit and this tells you the next tile to play.

Once you have completed the Adventure Phase, you move into the Voyage Phase, in which you set sail for your home port on a larger hex map. There are many obstacles to be encountered here also, so it won't always be smooth sailing. Once you have reached you home port you can now reconcile your party and treasures and recruit new party members and upgrade your character.


The game comes with 42 resin characters, from what I have seen to this point looks pretty good. There are a few that look a little clunky, such as some of the swords and Sea Abominations, along with the Surgeon's eyes which I believe are supposed to be glasses.


I think with some refinement these will be really nice to have. It is always nice to see different settings for a crawler game and since in this house we love pirates, this game might just fine a safe harbor.It is currently on Kickstarter with 25 days left at the time of this article and has already surpassed its funding goal.

Will you take to the high seas and embrace the pirates life?

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