Begin The Brawlin’ & Scorin’ With Slaughterball!

February 12, 2014 by brennon

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Frog The What Games have gone all 80's on us and bought a futuristic fantasy sports game to the tabletop and Kickstarter called Slaughterball. Dive in and check out the teams of neo-humans below...



Swords of Damocles


Each of the teams above comes in the main boxed game alongside a mass of tokens, cards, and even some Mavericks who must be fighting for no team in particular. As well as that you also get your hands on a double-sided game board.

Slaughterball Board

Funding the game will enable you to unlock new full teams, additional Mavericks and more. It looks very cool and following on from the success of games like DreadBall and with Guild Ball on the horizon there is plenty of fantasy sports to go around.

At the top I've also added the Dice Tower preview of Slaugherball so you can get a closer look at the components and see how it all comes together.

I'm quite a fan of the funky art style and the miniatures look fairly good, certainly good enough for a board game. I think I'd have to throw my lot in with either Nemesis or those Nordic beauties, the Valkyries.

What do you think of Slaughterball?

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