Check Out Angry Joe as He Plays Slaughterball With Himself on Twitch!

October 3, 2014 by dracs

If you read our interview with Erik from Frog the What Games you might have seen that internet reviewer Angry Joe was going to be playing Slaughterball live on Twitch. Now you can watch the recording of that play through, letting you get a better idea of the game as it's played by someone who's actually in it.

Warning: This is a live stream and as such may contain bad language.

To check out the show, just follow this link - Angry Joe Show Twitch

Angry Joe Colour Exclusive

The players engage in a Scrimmage game to get to grips with the rules of Slaughterball. Joe of course fields the Angry Joe athlete in his team, letting us see how this furious Kickstarter exclusive plays in the game as Joe plays with himself on the Twitch stream.

Angry Joe Slaughterball Twitch

A couple of us here are fans of Angry Joe's review show and it's always entertaining to see players come to grips with a brand new game, especially when it is as frantic in character as Slaughterball.

This Twitch show does give a good idea of the various mechanics of the game, essentially letting you know what you're in for should you chip in on the Kickstarter. Hopefully we will be able to see more of Slaughterball in the future, and this won't be the last time that Angry Joe takes to the pitch.

Do you enjoy seeing live streams of games like this? What do you think of Slaughterball now you've had a chance to watch the game?

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