Frog the What Bolt Together a Gruesome Slaughterball Slasher

November 17, 2014 by dracs

The next Slaughterball player is getting bolted together and only needs a good thunder storm to be ready to play. This Gruesome Slasher is almost alive!

Gruesome Slasher

Even at their nimblest, the Gruesomes are the most lumbering team in Slaughterball and you certainly get a sense of this with the Slasher model, with the wide flung limbs and relative bulk countering the very dynamic running pose. I particularly like the inclusion of smaller details, such as stitching on his shoulder plate and the bolts sticking out everywhere.

Of course, you can't play Slaughterball without somewhere to play and Frog the What have published an image of the Carnage team hexagon home ground.

Carnage Hexagon

As you would expect from a team named Carnage, their home arena is not a safe place to play. It's filled with extra spiky spaces and should your players be knocked down in them they will suffer an extra four knives of damage, just as if they had been knocked down in the meat grinder itself. Definitely an addition that will make Slaughterball games even more frantic.

Are the Gruesomes team your favourites? Fancy playing a game in the Carnage hexagon?

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