Frog the What Take Slaughterball to New Arenas

October 7, 2014 by dracs

If you fancy trying your luck in some different Slaughterball arenas you're in luck as Frog the What have put up a preview of two new arena boards letting you play on the home fields of either the Swords of Damocles Team or that of Nemesis.

Swords of Damocles Arena

These arenas are displayed on 27" double sided boards. One side features an octagon arena, allowing for games of two and four players. On the reverse side is a hexagon, for when three of you want to get playing Slaughterball.

Nemesis Arena

I love the idea of players being able to choose other pitches, rather than just stick to the standard one, and it has me interested to see what pitches appear for the other teams.

What I really hope though is that Frog the What come up with some slightly different rules depending on where you are playing. Maybe there are new traps and pitfalls players might have to face. That would help change games up and make these far more than a mere aesthetic change.

Which Slaughterball team is your favourite? Have you contributed to the Kickstarter?

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