A Gruesome Team Steps Up To Slaughterball

September 30, 2014 by dracs

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A couple of new stretch goals have appeared at the Slaughterball Kickstarter, one of which will bring players a whole new team made up of truly monstrous players, the Gruesomes.


The Gruesomes are a rather lumbering team by Slaughterball standards, slow to move and with negligible ball skills, making it hard for them to score goals. However, they can take a beating like no one else, giving them a distinct advantage when it comes to playing League games where injuries could carry over into future games.

Gruesomes Razor

These hulking monsters look like a lot of fun, but they aren't going to be alone as a new Maverick has also appeared as a future stretch goal.


VJCD is a Maverick neohuman highly trained in martial arts. These skills serve him well as a Cleaver in games of Slaughterball, taking down the opposition with his Flying Hook Kick, 360 Split Hook Kick and Flying 360 Split Hook Kick. I don't know what moves those are, but they sound painful.

Finally, we go from these titans of the Slaughterball pit to something a bit more pleasing, the high-tech Nemesis' teams new Cheerleaders.

Nemesis Cheerleaders

Well, you can tell they're genetically engineered. If that's what sports are like, I might actually watch it from time to time. The sculpts are bit cartoonish in just how over-preportioned they are, but it does fit with the general style and background of the game. It will be interesting to see how the Cheerleaders for each team differ depending on their team's character.

Are you supporting this Kickstarter? If not, does anything here tempt you to now?

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