Roll for Your Team Using Slaughterball Dice Bags

October 11, 2014 by dracs

As Slaughterball approaches the final week of its Kickstarter, even more cool stuff has started to appear. These latest pieces show off some accessories to just make your gaming a little more stylish. Or as they say in Slaughterball, crunchy!

Firstly, there is a set of plastic injury tokens to keep track of any damage done to your players.

Plastic Injury Tokens

They say you should handle knives with care, but in Slaughterball I think knife safety is the least of your worries when a massive butcher is bearing down on you. These tokens are a stylish little feature, that make for a fun way of keeping note of injuries.

Along side these knives, we get to see the first digital mock-ups of the dice bags for each team.

Slaughterball Team Dice Bags

These are still relatively early designs, and changes may still be made, such as with the Valkyries' white logo not showing up against its yellow bag, but for the most part I think these bags look pretty good, showing off the logo of their respective teams. What better way to show your support, and possibly get a little luck to rub off on your dice?

Finally, Frog the What have also published previews of the ref cards for two of the latest teams, the Roman-like Legion and the Japanese inspired Katanas.

Legion Ref Card

Legion Ref Card Side 2

Katanas Ref Card

Katanas Ref Card Side 2

These ref cards give us a chance to see more of their respective team's distinctive art style and design, as well as an initial idea of how they will play once they hit the Slaughterball pitch. Personally, I am rather intrigued by the Katanas, but I think I would still stick with the high tech Nemesis as my chosen team.

Have you pledged on this Kickstarter? What team is your favourite?

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