Slaughterball Make a Legion Cleaver Worthy of Caesar

December 21, 2014 by dracs

Slaughterball has published another render of a WiP player, the Legion Cleaver who has now been posed in a way that would make any Shakespearean Caesar proud.

Legion Cleaver

This Cleaver has a far less dynamic pose than many of the other players, but this rather fits with the classical style of the Legion. The miniature does rather look like it has been posed in the manner of a classic painting of Julius Caesar. Friends, Legion, countrymen, lend me that ball!

In other exciting Slaughterball news, the special rules of each of the teams' own home stadiums have gone up on the website.

Fury Team Arena

These different arenas add extra challenges and room for new tactics and play styles, mixing your games up a bit as your teams have to contend with unfamiliar arenas and their own unique traps and benefits.

What are your thoughts on Slaughterball and its different team arenas?

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