Slaughterball Shows Off the Prototype Katanas

December 3, 2014 by dracs

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Over on Slaughterball, the first final prints of the base game have been sent off to the factory, but in the meantime we get to see the low-detail prototypes of the Katana team.

Katana Low Detail Prints

Katana Low Detail Razor

These low detail models are made to give us a better idea about just how these models will look once on the tabletop, but we also get a good impression of just what the models are like too. Personally, I cannot wait to see how these teams look when fully painted.

While the Katanas have made their first steps onto the pitch, another Gruesome is almost ready to rise.

Gruesomes Butcher

This Butcher might be my favourite one so far, simply because of the pose. It's the Boris Karloff Frankenstein's Monster, only on a whole lot of steroids. Seeing this thing walking slowly but surely towards me is even more intimidating than some of the faster guys.

Which Slaughterball team do you prefer? How do you think these models are coming along?

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