Slaughterball Turns Warren Into An Athlete! (Impossible you Say?!?)

October 12, 2014 by dracs

That's right guys, the next of the famous faces of nerdom to take to the Slaughterball pitch could be none other than our very own Warren as a heavily armoured Butcher!

[NOTE: When they said I'd be a butcher, yes I was thinking Steak~! 😉 - Warren]

Slaughterball Warren

Words cannot describe how surreal I find seeing Warren's face sticking out of all that muscle and armour. Still, I think that the guys at Frog the What Games have came up with quite a good design for our editor-in-chief and I especially like the touch of our much honoured BoW logo on his chest.

To make this stretch goal a reality, Frog the What Games are looking to get 250 Facebook shares of their Kickstarter page.

Warren Kickstarter Exclusive

To do this, just head over to the Kickstarter page and click the "share" button beneath the introductory video.

Slaughterball Kickstarter

Slaughterball is currently entering its final week on Kickstarter and has succeeded a great deal in its run, with hopefully more on the way. It's really cool to see them turn one of our own into a miniature and I look forward to seeing what the final sculpt is like for this new Maverick Butcher.

This also means we could potentially have a game where Warren, Sandy Petersen, Angry Joe Vargas, Tom Vasel and Ryan Metzler end up in a massive fight to the death! That would be the biggest gathering of nerd rage outside of a Star Wars prequels showing.

What do you think of Warren's new look? What sort of rules do you think he should have?

[Note - Big thanks goes out to the Slaughterball Team for thier good humour, and giving my other half an image to both chuckle at and beat me with - yup I think a gym is calling me!!! - Warren]

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