Slaughterball Unleashes the Beast as Warren Gets Unlocked!

October 16, 2014 by dracs

That's right guys, thanks to your diligent work at sharing Slaughterball, a new maverick butcher has been unlocked and a WiP render of his sculpt has appeared on Kickstarter. Check out Warren as he prepares for the game!

Warren Mini Render

As you can see, they have made a few changes from the concept art. I particularly like the way they have made him battered and battle worn, which is a particularly nice touch, while the Beasts of War logo is even more prevalent upon his chest. The detail of the armour is certainly looking promising, and while the stance doesn't have much motion to it, a butcher his size doesn't need to worry about leaping after the ball so much as smashing the other team into the ground.

Warren Johnston

While still big, the sculpt isn't quite as bulky, which at least means his neck and shoulders aren't quite so anatomically improbable. Also, it's amazing what they can do with genetic engineering, that is one mighty chin Warren has got.

Still, I think the guys at Frog the What are doing a pretty good job in turning Warren into a Slaughterball athlete and I am particularly interested in seeing how the model will look when it is painted. Maybe this will be one we have to turn over to Romain. Or maybe, with all that armour, John would love to get his hands on Warren.

Of course, Warren isn't the only internet geek stepping onto the pitch, and over on Kickstarter we got our first look at the stat card for Ryan Metzler of The Dice Tower.

Ryan Metzler

Ryan Metzler Stat Card

As you can see, Ryan is a very useful addition to the team due to the tactical options he brings, letting you see your opponent's hand and plan your actions around what you see.

This just has me wondering, what exactly will Warren's character bring to the table?

Have you supported the Slaughterball Kickstarter? Can you think of what rules Warren's character should have?

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