Teams, Dice, Boards and More Get Released For Slaughterball

October 27, 2016 by dracs

The game of Slaughterball has just seen a massive release as the various expansion teams and boards hit the shelves of Frog the What Games.


Meet The Teams

First up among the new releases we have four new teams to bring out onto the pitch.


Team Fury are a genetically engineered team of human / tiger hybrids, whose talons allow them to tear through the opponents and, occasionally the ball.

Team Gruesomes

The Gruesomes are everything you'd expect from a team of Frankensteinian creations; slow,clumsy, but the toughest thing on the tabletop.


The Katanas epitomise the focus on martial skill of the samurai they resemble, mixing speed and combat prowess to let them run across the pitch and deal multiple hits.


The Legion focus on discipline and feature a large selection of skills to draw upon. This makes them very effective, but may need a more experienced player to utilise them to their fullest.

Each of these expansion set teams comes with 12 plastic figures, as well as a double sided reference card with all their traits and skills.

Step Onto The Pitch

Along with the new teams, every team now has their own home arena pitch to play upon. This means eight new arenas for the game to take place on.

The Dungeon

Each of these boards features unique rules and architecture that you must take into account when planning your strategies.

Dungeon Arena

For example, the Carnage team home arena has spikes for you to push your opponents onto.

Roll For Your Team

As well as these expansions, Frog the What have released team coloured dice packs and dice bags to let you show your allegiance.

Gruesomes Dice


Finally, Frog the What have also come out with a dry erase scoreboard to help you keep track of the game's goings on.

Dry Erase Scoreboard

All of these releases will help to add new twists and turns to the game. I especially like the addition of the home arenas as they each provide you with unique challenges to overcome.

Which Slaughterball team do you cheer for?

"The home arenas each provide you with unique challenges to overcome..."

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