The First WiP for Slaughterball Star Player Luly is Revealed

October 26, 2014 by dracs

The guys at Frog the What Games have already finished the 3D models for the base game and are currently working on the extra teams and players that the Kickstarter stretch goals. A WiP of one such player has just been revealed, the maverick player Luly.


Luly here is one of the more familiar maverick players which turned up on the Kickstarter (along with Warren, of course), and she is one I am particularly exited to see made as I love the film Fifth Element. Not that that movie has anything to do with Luly, none at all.

Regardless of where she is from, the sculpt of display here has done a great job in conveying her appearance from the concept art, and while the model looks promising she will also prove her worth on the pitch with her useful multi-pass.

Did you support Slaughterball during its run on Kickstarter? Which model do you want to see in particular?

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