More WiPs for the Legion and Gruesomes Appear for Slaughterball

November 27, 2014 by dracs

WiPs continue to appear for the Slaughterball teams, the latest showing off the awesome designs for the Legion Slasher and Cleaver and the Gruesomes many-armed Razor.

Legion Slasher and Cleaver

Gruesomes Razor

I'm starting to really like the design of the Legion players, with recognisably Roman style mixed in with a more scifi style of armour, and while I am not usually fond of massive shoulder pads here they make sense. After all, they are going to be doing some particularly brutal tackles.

The Gruesome Razor is a particularly bizarre form of this strange breed of players. All Razors have those multiple arms and backwards facing knees, but somehow they look even stranger on this Gruesome player. Perhaps it is because you can believe he was stitched together for Slaughterball.

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