The Cuddly Toys Go To War With Battle For Teddysburg From Slave2Gaming

January 13, 2017 by brennon

The Battle For Teddysburg is an alternative take on Civil War wargaming from Slave2Gaming and it's not only quite charming but looks like a lot of fun too!

The Battle Of Teddysburg

This new range of miniatures, sculpted by Mike Broadbent in 18mm scale, come out alongside this new set of rules from Drew Edney that are available over on Wargame Vault HERE.

Importantly you need to remember that these Teddy Bears don't kill each other, they just re-enact the war and enjoy putting on their paws and stripes! Led by General George G Teddeade and General Ted E Lee they are ready to let the fur fly!

American Civil Paw Characters & Artillery

There are all manner of cool looking miniatures available for you to pick up from the Slave2Gaming Store including characters, artillery, infantry and cavalry.

American Civil Paw Infantry

The cavalry, in particular, look fantastic as they ride into battle on their hobby horses stolen from the toy cupboard!

American Civil Paw Cavalry

The rules that we mentioned earlier are simple and easy to learn regimental rules that will get you going with these teddy bears. They are looking for suggestions and more from the community so if you give this a go let them know your thoughts.

Will you be checking this out?

"Led by General George G Teddeade and General Ted E Lee they are ready to let the fur fly!"

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