New Shortlings Band Together From Slave 2 Gaming

October 19, 2017 by brennon

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Some new Shortlings have been thrown into the mix from Slave 2 Gaming, expanding their range of Goblin Factory miniatures.

Shortling Command #1

Leading the way we have two new Command Sets which show off the leaders for your Shortling warband as it takes to the battlefield. They come armed with a series of different weapons and some cool banner toppers as well.

Shortling Command #2

This then continues with the smaller set as well which comes with a rather valiant looking commander leading the way. These are some rather swish looking Shortlings.

Vanguard Forces

Following on from them we also have some additional soldiers to bolster your force. Here we have some Shortlings with axes for example, a great vanguard to break through the enemy shieldwall.

Shortling Axeman

Supporting them from range we also have some additional bowmen to throw into the mix.

Shortling Bowman

I like them as a ranging force, heading forth with their bows and harrying the enemy, allowing their main army to make it to the battlefield unscathed.

What do you think?

"These are some rather swish looking Shortlings..."

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