The Small Terrain Kickstarter Looks To Bring High End Terrain To The Tabletop

October 12, 2016 by brennon

The Small Terrain Project is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund a range of superb looking terrain pieces for tabletop gamers across all manner of genres.

Small Terrain

The idea behind the project is to not only deliver to you a range of wonderful looking terrain but also to help fund the growth of their company and build their new studio space into somewhere which can continue to produce terrain for wargamers and expand too.

Terrain & More

In terms of the terrain they offer, they're looking at small scatter pieces...

Historical Bundle

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Bundle

...which would be good for expanding upon an existing tabletop as well as larger bundles which add in a lot more features to bring a tabletop to life.

Road Bundle

The Road & River collections that you see here certainly would help to develop a narrative on the tabletop and shape the games you play. Roads give you natural trackways and open spaces while Rivers cut the board into pieces and challenge your tactical know-how.

River Bundle

You could in reality just pick up a lot of their terrain bundles and use them to create fantastic boards. All you'd need is a mat and it would blossom from there.

Historical Big Bundle

As mentioned above the real purpose behind this campaign is to grow the business as well so there are even options allowing you to name a room in the new studio!

General Bundle Set

That is rather awesome. We're very impressed with the style of terrain that we're seeing here and it does appear to cover plenty of the bases when it comes to what gamers need when putting together a tabletop.

Are you tempted by this terrain?

"...there are even options allowing you to name a room in the new studio!"

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