Enjoy The Characters Of Small World In Miniature Form

October 11, 2013 by brennon

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Days of Wonder are bringing together some of the iconic characters from their Small World Board Game (which is awesome by the way!) and making models of them! Check out the four of them below...

The Amazon

The Skeleton

The Spiderine

The Wizard

Now these are some fun looking models and although they have no real use within the board game it would be ace to have them on your mantlepiece in the gaming room. I love that Wizard and I reckon he would have to be my punt if I got one of these.

Each of these models stands around 21cm tall and are pre-painted (and it's not a bad job either!). I reckon for a die hard fan of Small World this could be your next stop. I hope they do these for all the races in the game.

Will you be getting one?

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