AEG’s Smash Up Gets Pretty Pretty In New Expansion

November 11, 2014 by brennon

Smash Up is one of those neat card games that you can bring out and play with pretty much anyone and has you coming up with some zany combinations. Those combinations have become all the more interesting with masses of expansions and the latest is Pretty Pretty...

Pretty Pretty

Now bear with me on this one folks. While it might look like Fairies, Princesses, Mythical Horses and Kitty Cats aren't your thing but imagine then combining those with dinosaurs, zombies, ninjas, pirates, Cthulhu and much, much more. Now suddenly you have some pretty hilarious combinations!

You can check out the rulebook for the game over on the link at the top or watch the Tabletop episode we've added above.

Do you play Smash Up?

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