Nevermore Coming As 2015 Release From Smirk & Dagger

November 3, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Nevermore Box

Any fan of classic, dark literature has to appreciate Edgar Allen Poe, and that being said... What do you get when you cross the feel of the Raven with a game industry like Smirk & Dagger? A whole lot of fun- that's what! Their game, Nevermore, looks to be coming to us in 2015 and Smirk & Dagger have not released much on the game yet, teasing us with just a glimpse at the box for starters, and today an ad:

Nevermore Advert

They had me on theme alone! The card based mechanic looks fun and fast and like it would quite easily capture a large audience of both readers and gamers!

Does this catchy card game capture your attention or make you want to read? (now where did I put that book?)

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