Signor Geppeto from Smartmax

October 31, 2011 by beerogre

If you play SMOG: 13th Hour (and there is no reason you should not!) then you'll know it's always an exciting day, when a new Smartmax model is released.

This is Signor Gepetto, the latest model to be added to the game...

Here's what Smartmax have to say about him:

Geppetto created his own world, inspired from childhood. As a child, he always opened up and fiddled the single clockwork toys his father gave him, often disappointed by the rudimentary, almost primitive mechanisms he found indide. He early started to express his instinctive understanding of the machine and came up with his first works of art. Now leading his own private army of deadly toys, he is eagerly waiting the time to rid London of its tedious, sinister adults.

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