Hunt On Sea & Land With Smok’s Dwarf Slayer Pirate

October 14, 2013 by brennon

Smok's Sculpture are back with another work-in-progress model that will soon be gracing the battlefield. This time it's a Dwarf (so I had to talk about it!) and he comes in both Slayer and Pirate forms...

Dwarf Pirate

Dwarf Slayer/Pirate

Dwarf Slayer

As you see they have some very subtle differences within the models that make the change pretty drastic. I love that with only a few little swaps you can make him into a burly hunter or monsters or a sea worthy adventurer.

Personally I think I would make him into the Pirate and use him as my upcoming hero for a Dragon Age role-play! I think these chaps from Smok have got some talent and their range is growing slowly but surely.

Will you be hunting Dragons or Krakens?

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