Kaer From Smok’s Sculpture Gets Ready For Adventure

July 16, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for a slightly larger scale adventuring hero then how about the new Kaer - Gnome Adventurer from Smok's Sculpture? Check out the grumpy little hero below...

Kaer Gnome Adventurer

As you can tell this characterful little sculpt is limited to 200 pieces and comes signed and numbered to make you feel special. He stands at 43mm tall so is designed for 54mm play but if you had other miniatures of this scale it would fit right in.

I love this different take on a Gnome. Gone is the whimsical hat to be replaced with a soldier cut and an awesome knotted beard. I would love to know what people would come up with as a back story.

Let me know your ideas below.

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