Smok Sculpture Add To The Dwarf Drinking Team

February 25, 2014 by brennon

Smok Sculpture have been working away on their Dwarf Drinking Team for a few weeks now and you can see some of their additional members below. These 15mm drunkards are looking very neat indeed...

Dwarf Wizard

Drinking Dwarf #1

Drinking Dwarf #2

As you can see they have been working on a Dwarf Wizard or Runemaster who has decided to put aside his books and scrolls and join in the fun. Alongside him are two extra drinkers. I love the Dwarf in the middle with two mugs. He has clearly gone to pick that up from the tavern bar for a kinsmen and is going to drain it himself.

I don't know exactly how you'd use them apart from within a role-playing game but they are very fun!

What do you think?

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