Solomon Kane Launches On Kickstarter & Funded!

June 12, 2018 by dracs

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Mythic Games Kickstarter for their new game Solomon Kane has gone live.

Solomon Kane Main Image - Mythic Games

Based upon the stories by Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan), Solomon Kane is a narrative adventure board game featuring exceptional 35mm miniatures.

Solomon Kane Virtues

It is a highly innovative co-operative game of storytelling, resource management, and tactical miniatures play. You can see some of the amazing miniatures that have been painted up by the talented team here, showing off the variety of forces at work from pirate captains...

Captain Miniature Painted the shadows which are very much a force in the background of Solomon Kane. They are not truly there, but represent the shadows and darkness following Solomon Kane and seeking to do both him and the other innocents of the world harm.

The Shadows Painted

Instead of playing as Solomon Kane himself, you are taking on the role of the different aspects of faith which watch over him as battles against the shadow...

Solomon Kane Miniature Renders

...but of course, you want to see beyond just the models and explore what else the game has to offer.

Solomon Kane Single Figure

It has a rich focus towards narrative and story development where you not only tell stories akin to those of Robert E. Howard but also stories entirely new to the character BUT in keeping with the ethos of Kane.

Solomon Kane Main Box - Mythic GamesYou can find out more about the game in our recent Let's Play where we delved into one of the first quests from the game (pictured in the image below) as Solomon Kane tracks a lost soul through the marshlands and confronts a deadly spirit.

Solomon Kane Gameplay - Mythic Games

...or check out our interview with Az at UKGE which again goes deeper into the method behind the scenario building and how it plays out on the tabletop. It's something very atypical to what you might have first thought which I like a lot. There is a real sense of shared cooperation and resource management in there.

Here is a look at just what you get inside that core box, broken down for your ease...

The Main Box

Whats In The Main Box Miniatures - Solomon Kane

Whats In The Main Box - Solomon Kane

...but of course, it wouldn't be a Kickstarter campaign without some additional extras and stretch goals to help build on the experience.

Stretch Goals

Here is just a taste of what they've already unlocked so far with more pouring in each time I check on the page!

Inn Keeper Stretch Goal

Providence Stretch Goal

These are just some of them, including the introduction of Providence to the tabletop as a fellow guide to Solomon Kane, complete with her new skills and abilities which she brings to the tabletop.

Map Tiles Stretch Goal

I particularly liked the addition of Matthew Hopkins here who was one of the original Witch-Hunters from history and inspiration behind characters like Solomon Kane and later the likes of the Empire in Warhammer Fantasy and their Sigmarite Witch-Hunters too.

Hopkins Stretch Goal

Head over to the Kickstarter and let us know what you think.

Are you planning on getting into this game?

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