Comics & Board Games Meet for a Fantastic Space Kickstarter

September 5, 2014 by deltagamegirl22


Who knew you could meld the world of comics with a board game, and I don't mean in theme alone. Space Movers Board Game and Comic Kickstarter by KnA Games LLC has just that.

space movers comic

This is a really cool cooperative board game for 2-7 players with the same look and feel as the fun science fiction movies and television of yesteryear. Classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Battlestar Galactica were the inspiration behind this game. You literally start the game by reading the comic book that sets the tone for the game and the end of the comic is actually the launch for the game.

space movers cards

The art work on the cards works right along with the look and feel of the comic book and you find yourself as a space mover, moving your ship, the Liberty, around the planets collecting resources and transporting items to other planets. While you are out on jobs, you have to evade the ships that try to get in your way and get through your jobs without running out of resources.

space movers contents

The really innovative aspect to this game is the interesting dice rolling mechanic that involves some physical skill. The roll mechanic is performed within the lid of the game box and each die is rolled one at a time allowing the potential for changing the roll if you don't like how things are looking for you in a particular round. It obviously leads to some exciting, and sometimes frustrating game play while you and your friends try to change the course of the game with each roll, since you can't necessarily rest easy when you rolled first and rolled well.

Another fun aspect is the potential for more and more comics to come out for the game which would allow for new and interesting different scenarios from time to time.

Care to be a Space Mover, shuffling your freight across the galaxy?

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