Spartan Games Grabbing The Halo License For Future Wargames?

February 9, 2015 by brennon

A suspiciously familiar looking helmet appeared in the corner of the Spartan Games website. Now, usually it's a Greek Spartan helm but now it's been turned into a Spartan helmet from the video game, Halo. Is this a sign of things to come?

Spartan Games - Halo

You can see it highlighted in the corner here and it certainly would be an interesting license for them to pick up. I could see Spartan doing a good job of a smaller scale vehicle based game on the ground or a 28/32mm type skirmish game that brings actual Spartan miniatures and more to the tabletop.

I wrote a piece about there being a Halo Universe wargame a while ago now and it's neat to think that we could see it come to fruition from a great UK company.

What do you think?

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