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Spectre Miniatures Set Up New Modern Warfare HMVs


Spectre Miniatures has been tinkering away on some awesome bits and bobs for use in your Modern Warfare-era games. For example, one of their biggest new additions is the HMV Kit and the accessories for tweaking them to suit your purpose.

Community Spotlight: Goblin Pirates, Special Operatives & Sci-Fi Healers


Meet The World Leaders In Spectre Operations


Spectre Miniatures had an awesome new set to share with folks this week for their Operations miniatures game.

Spectre Miniatures Have Recruited The Famed Green Berets


Spectre Miniatures is expanding their lines with one of the most recognized military units in the world.

Spectre Drop In New Operators For Their Elite Teams


A new selection of soldiers has been added to the existing line-up of troops you can choose from as you build elite teams in Spectre Operations.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as
Warren gets his horn out!

Spectre Miniatures Call In The SAS With New Releases


Building on their selection of awesome Modern Warfare miniatures, Spectre has now released their SAS teams which can be used in all manner of different settings.

New Female Soldiers Teased For Spectre Miniatures


The ultra-modern miniatures and game company Spectre Miniatures showed off some previews at Colours over the weekend.

Weekender XLBS: Bitz & Chits; What’s Your Favourite Gaming Component?


Get stuck into a Weekender
XLBS with us and talk
epic miniatures
and more!

Spectre Miniatures Releases New MENA Fighters


Spectre Miniatures has some new baddies to offer for your next mission deep into MENA.

Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!


We’ve got a jam-packed show for you this weekend with
a focus on Justin’s continuing efforts to build himself
a Death Guard army for Warhammer 40,000…

Razor ATV Now Available From Spectre Miniatures


Spectre Miniatures has been on the leading edge of bringing the silent world of Spec Ops and Covert Operators to the gaming table. Now they bring forth the incredible Razor ATV.

Spectre Miniatures Outfit New Cartel Themed Starter Sets


Looking to introduce people into the world of Spectre Operations, Spectre Miniatures has grouped together more of their models into two new Cartel themed Starter Sets.

Spectre Miniatures Is Getting A Special Vehicle For Their Operators


Spectre Miniatures continues to produce some incredible miniatures for their spec ops line and game Spectre Operations.

Highly Skilled Agents & Operators Join The Fight From Spectre Miniatures


Spectre Miniatures is expanding their range of high tier Operators and Agents for use in your Modern Warfare games on the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Age Terrain Tips & New Flames Of War Edition Impressions


We’ve got some great hobby chat
for you today and a look at some
amazing community projects too.

Battle The Cartels With New Spectre Miniatures Collection


With Ghost Recon: Wildlands coming very soon for video gamers it’s a pleasant surprise to see a new range arrive from Spectre Miniatures packed with Cartel members for you to face off against on the tabletop.

Spectre Miniatures Adds Updated Errata For Their Rules


Spectre Miniatures has published an errata on their site for their rules Spectre Operations.

Spectre Miniatures Upgrade Their Spetsnaz Team & Grab New Technicals


Spectre Miniatures has upgraded their GRU Spestnaz collection and their Technical set with some new options for those getting stuck into combat during the modern era. Let’s start with the Russians.

Spectre Miniatures Preview What Lies Ahead In 2017


Spectre Miniatures are looking ahead to 2017 with a number of different previews of what lies around the corner. Here are a few of the snaps from Facebook…

Spectre Adds Awesome Weapons To The Task Force Operators


Spectre Miniatures has added some upgraded weapons to their Task Force Operators.