Spectre Drop In New Operators For Their Elite Teams

December 11, 2017 by brennon

A new selection of soldiers has been added to the existing line-up of troops you can choose from as you build elite teams in Spectre Operations. Take a look at the five new models you'll be able to snap up...

Tier 1 Operators Breacher - Alfa

First up we have this Breacher Operator that can be dropped into your teams. Armed for close-quarters combat you'll find him ready to break down doors and clear rooms with ease.

Keeping within the realms of close up action we have the Operator with an SMG here who is adorned in more military garb. Whereas the model above could well have been a contractor this fellow looks like he's straight out of the military.

Task Force Operators SMG - Charlie

When things get a bit more dangerous and you need heavy firepower they also added this machine gun-wielding fellow into the mix. I really like the stance of this model, hunkered down from incoming fire and ready to react.

Task Force Operators MG - Bravo

Getting heavier still we also have this fellow who has brought along an AT4 for when you need to remove that floor of that building or indeed a vehicle from the equation.

Task Force Operators AT4 - Alfa

Last but not least we have this Nomad Sniper which I think might be the best model from the bunch.  I think they've got the posing just right for the model and I could see him secreted away somewhere on the board for you to try and pick out.

Task Force Nomad Sniper - Alfa

He could cause quite a problem for your enemies on the tabletop, stopping them moving and keeping them away from key objectives.

What do you think of these new releases?

"Last but not least we have this Nomad Sniper which I think might be the best model from the bunch..."

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