Go Behind Enemy Lines With Spectre Specialists For Modern Warfare

November 30, 2015 by brennon

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Spectre have added a whole bunch of new miniatures to their collection over the last weekend. Both the Task Force Operators and the Deniable Operators sections have grown!

Task Force Operators

First up we have the new DEVGRU Team for the Task Force Operators who are a multi-role SEAL Team Six Unit that are able to deal with any conflict and come equipped with all kinds of nifty gadgets.

Devgru Team

They even get themselves a dog who is armoured up and features comms and a camera too for when they want to send him scouting ahead.

In addition a new model from the collection comes with a Breaching Tool for when you need to bust down some doors and make a racket.

Task Force Operator Breacher - Alfa

He comes with a shotgun too for when the quieter method doesn't quite cut it.

Deniable Operators

Sometimes soldiers have to be sent behind enemy lines with no support; Deniable Operators. These troopers are experts in their craft but if they get caught then there will be no help from their governments.

Deniable Operators - Alfa

Deniable Operators - Bravo

As well as these troops with standard issue weapons and wearing civilian clothes (hopefully with some body armour too) we have more specialists with the Marksman and Grenadier for when you want to go 'loud'

Deniable Operators Grenadier - Alfa

Deniable Operators Marksman - Alfa

The range is growing incredibly quickly and we're looking at some interesting times for this game. As we learned last week they are now looking for Beta Testers so if that scratches your itch go and check them out.

I think there is an awesome chance to see some epic scenarios and missions with these models and I need to pick up a few to give it a go!

What do you think of their range?

"Sometimes soldiers have to be sent behind enemy lines with no support; Deniable Operators..."

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