Spectre Miniatures Outfit New Cartel Themed Starter Sets

May 9, 2017 by brennon

Looking to introduce people into the world of Spectre Operations, Spectre Miniatures has grouped together more of their models into two new Cartel themed Starter Sets.

Starter Set Charlie

This first Starter Set, Charlie, comes with these folks here who are dressed in their civilian attire to better blend in with the crowds. They might be protecting that VIP there in the middle as he goes about his business.

Arrayed against them are this lot, a group of their Cartel miniatures who might not be too happy with them trying to destabilise their operations.

Starter Set Charlie (Alt)

These new kits come out at the perfect time with Ghost Recon: Wildlands still on some folks machines and provides a nice jumping off point for people to get stuck into modern era wargaming on the tabletop.

Alternative Options

You can also pick up the Delta box which comes with another set of their Operators which operate at the highest level, able to work on their own or in small groups against larger numbers.

Starter Set Delta

Once again they have a lot of different Cartel members to fight against armed with all manner of different weapons.

Starter Set Delta (Alt)

One of the overriding principles of Spectre is that a well-trained soldier will be able to hold his or her own against a larger member of foes. This makes for highly tense games where you're using all manner of tools at your disposal to complete your objectives.

Each of these sets also comes with the Spectre Operations Rulebook to get you right into the action. You won't have to worry too much about balancing either as they've designed these sets to provide a challenge on the tabletop.

Oh, and their sets also come with 20mm round bases in them too now!

What do you think of the new sets?

"...this provides a nice jumping off point for people to get stuck into modern era wargaming on the tabletop"

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