Razor ATV Now Available From Spectre Miniatures

July 3, 2017 by stvitusdancern

I have said it time and time again, Spec Ops troops get all the cool toys! Many of them come from the civilian world that they adopt for their use.

One of these such cool toys is the Razor ATV. These have been adapted and converted to take the fight to the enemy in areas they believed they were untouchable. Now you too can own these vehicles and add them to your collection for your Spec Op moderns.

Spectre Miniatures now has them available to order from their site. I think they are well-made resin and metal miniatures, that does take a bit of work to assemble as they are multi-piece.

They have assembly instructions on their site that are well played out and explain everything nicely. I like the amount of detail in each vehicle and I love the suppressed M249 mounted on the swing arm.

There are several options you can get for the Razors as well to include crew and stowage. I picked up two at UK Games Expo and love them. If you have been thinking about getting into modern this might be a little extra incentive to do so.

Could you use a Razor?

"...Spec Ops troops get all the cool toys!"

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