Spectre Miniatures Have Recruited The Famed Green Berets

March 15, 2018 by stvitusdancern

Spectre Miniatures the creators behind some amazing modern warfare miniatures and rule set Spectre Operations have done it again with their new offerings. This time around they have recruited the U.S. Army's Special Forces (Green Berets).

These unconventional warfare soldiers who's linage can be traced back to the 1st Special Service Force "The Devils Brigade" of WWII and to their present day roots with one fateful visit by President John F. Kennedy ( the patron saint of the Green Berets) who gave official recognition of their headgear the green beret.

Spectre Miniatures is now offering a set of  Green Berets Jungle Ops team. This six man team, one half of an A-Team or officially known as Operational Detachment Alpha. This team is equipped in up to date weapons and load outs.

Most are carrying the SCAR the heavy combat rifle chambered for 7.62 instead of the ubiquitous M4 in 5.56 so there is less chance of the heavier bullet ricocheting around in the jungle. You could model these operators after the 7th SFG (Special Forces Group) who are tasked with Central and South America or the 1st Group with East Asia.

Personally I think I would have them do joint operations with my SAS Jungle Ops miniatures I already have. If you are looking for some good modern warrior options definitely give Spectre Miniatures a look over.  De Oppresso Liber! (To Free the Oppressed!)

What do you think of these?

"De Oppresso Liber!"

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