Spectre Miniatures Lock N’ Load & Find A New Technical

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Spectre Miniatures have updated their successful Kickstarter campaign with a few more titbits as to how things are progressing. The work recently has focused on some very well detailed looking gun renders and a technical that will no doubt be one hell of a pain to get rid of!

Gun Renders


The gun models - I assume - are ridiculously close to their real life counterparts considering that these guys seem to have a very good handle on how to develop modern warfare weaponry. They look cool too which also helps!

The Technical is also obviously part way through production and is still at the work-in-progress stage at the moment but it will soon have a gunner and a few more peripherals to make it more of a combat vehicle. How will your team deal with this when it pops up on the table?

Did any of you back this Kickstarter?

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